Welcome, I’m Stephanie!

Here on this blog, I post most often about my personal focus on living an organized, simplified/minimalist, productive, and frugal life, while still celebrating holidays and generally enjoying Chicago.  It's my hope that you’ll find inspiration and encouragement on how to implement some of my ideas into your own life.

A little about me: I grew up just outside of Chicago, an only child with particularly fantastic parents.  They still live in the house I grew up in, which is always comforting.  I was raised a Bears, Blackhawks, and Cubs fan, teams I'm still loyal to today.  I spent most of my time organizing my Sanrio stationery supplies and playing with our dogs.  And horses - I almost went to college in Kentucky to be closer to them.

But after a change of heart and a really pretty campus visit, and of course, scholarship money, I spent my four college years at the University of Iowa in Iowa City, which I loved every minute of - even when classes got in the way of tailgates, FACs, sorority dances, and birthday bar crawls.  My love of holidays and hosting parties definitely began here.  I graduated with majors in Political Science and English, which is essentially a straight path to becoming a lawyer.

So after graduation I moved back to Chicago to attend law school for the next three years.  Just before graduating and taking the bar exam, I adopted my little fur baby, Hawkeye.  I consider her a good luck charm because I passed the bar exam on the first try, with, let's be honest, minimal studying.  Hawkeye has been featured prominently on this blog and in my life ever since.

I started a job in the general practice firm I still work at a couple months after receiving my 'you passed!' e-mail in 2010, and Hawkeye and I lived in various apartments all around the city for the next 6 years, so we're well-versed in all the things Chicago has to offer.

I started dating John in early 2013, although we have known each other for more than half our lives.  We grew up together, since I've been friends with his sister since we were 14 years old.  In May, 2016, we bought our first (and hopefully only) house on the north side of Chicago, a mere 3 miles from my parents and only 6 blocks from his.  We had to make sure we had a Chicago address because as of February, 2017, John is officially a full time Chicago Firefighter, which is as impressive and exciting as it is terrifying.

And that brings you up to today!  Some last minute things you should know before you go: I love nachos, cheap champagne, Nicolas Cage, gummy bears, really bad disaster movies on Netflix, Taco Bell, PBR, and Bath and Body Works 3-wick candles.  

Oh and the blog name, Not Entirely Perfect, is from my favorite movie of all time, because I have great taste, Empire Records. Which is 1 of only 2 DVDs I own* and I watch it almost weekly.

*in case you're wondering what the other DVD is - Disney's Brink. If you and your hair are still out there, Erik von Detten, call me.

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